Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Wayside Park

Momma decided to stop and let me stretch my legs on the way home at Wayside Park (Virginia).  As you can see, she had her hands full trying to take this picture.  We're still mastering the art of walking on a leash.  I don't know who's worse at it -- me or Momma.  She gets the leash all tangled around her legs, then tries to blame it on me!  Now wait a minute . . . Who's in control here?!?

Thursday, June 5, 2014

A Trip to the Beach

One of our first road trips was a six-hour drive to Colonial Beach, Virginia to see Grandmeow.  Momma said she wanted to get me used to riding in the car.  I must admit, I did get a little restless pacing back and forth like a caged circus tiger.  I meowed the whole trip.  Momma tried to tune me out with the radio, so I decided to put on a show and meow louder!  It was like a battle of the bands!  Honestly, I think I'd be great at karaoke.  I can hit several different octaves with my vocals -- a Bengal trait.  I seem to be a born natural at it.

P.S. The beach was great!  Nothing like feeling a little sand between the toe pads!  And the seagulls . . . and the sand pipers running along the beach . . .  All I could envision was jerk chicken smokin' on the grill!  Yeah mon.  Now we be meowing!