Wednesday, July 16, 2014

The Rest Stop

You mean to tell me they have dogs at the rest stop?  I'm totally out of my element.  Wait a minute . . . Is that raga muffin looking at me?  Don't even think about it buddy.  Why I'll . . . I'll flip my tail at you!

Heading to Kansas

Momma's job is sending her to Kansas!  Wow.  That's like an 18-hour drive from our home in Pennsylvania.  I hope I can be good in the car for 1200 miles.  And what about my litter pan?  I hope they serve snacks like on the planes.  I wonder if she's going to stop and let me stretch my legs.  I hope she doesn't plan on keeping me crated that long.  All this talk and preparation is wearing me out.  I think I need a catnap!