Saturday, August 23, 2014

Mastering the Stairs

Okay, so it was a lot easier going up than down.  Momma said I remind her of a slinky.  One paw, two paw, three paw, four . . .

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Sleepy Bella

Tired and all tuckered out from three days on the road . . .  Finally made it to Kansas.  Good night and sweet dreams to all of my fans!  XOXO.

Shopping Spree

Yippee!!  Shopping spree at Petco in Ohio.  I mean what girl doesn't like to shop.  Momma bought me two new designer harnesses for traveling.  She likes to show me off.  I'm such a fashionista!  Besides, I needed to get a new I. D. tag for the road since I mysteriously lost mine.  I was wearing it in the hotel, honest, but I think the sheets ate it . . .  

First Hotel Stay

After a long hard drive, Momma decided to get a room at the Quality Inn & Suites in Ohio.  I was more than ready to get out off the road and call it a day.  I couldn't wait to get my paws back underneath of me.  Momma was a little nervous because she wasn't sure how receptive everyone would be to a service cat, but everyone in the hotel absolutely fell in love with me!  I got the VIP treatment and was received with open arms.  I'm starting to like all of the attention I'm getting on the road.  I'm a real ham, but I think I need to beef it up a little.  Lol.  Hollywood here we come!  

P.S.  I absolutely loved the king-sized bed and all of the fluffy pillows!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

The Rest Stop

You mean to tell me they have dogs at the rest stop?  I'm totally out of my element.  Wait a minute . . . Is that raga muffin looking at me?  Don't even think about it buddy.  Why I'll . . . I'll flip my tail at you!

Heading to Kansas

Momma's job is sending her to Kansas!  Wow.  That's like an 18-hour drive from our home in Pennsylvania.  I hope I can be good in the car for 1200 miles.  And what about my litter pan?  I hope they serve snacks like on the planes.  I wonder if she's going to stop and let me stretch my legs.  I hope she doesn't plan on keeping me crated that long.  All this talk and preparation is wearing me out.  I think I need a catnap!

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Wayside Park

Momma decided to stop and let me stretch my legs on the way home at Wayside Park (Virginia).  As you can see, she had her hands full trying to take this picture.  We're still mastering the art of walking on a leash.  I don't know who's worse at it -- me or Momma.  She gets the leash all tangled around her legs, then tries to blame it on me!  Now wait a minute . . . Who's in control here?!?

Thursday, June 5, 2014

A Trip to the Beach

One of our first road trips was a six-hour drive to Colonial Beach, Virginia to see Grandmeow.  Momma said she wanted to get me used to riding in the car.  I must admit, I did get a little restless pacing back and forth like a caged circus tiger.  I meowed the whole trip.  Momma tried to tune me out with the radio, so I decided to put on a show and meow louder!  It was like a battle of the bands!  Honestly, I think I'd be great at karaoke.  I can hit several different octaves with my vocals -- a Bengal trait.  I seem to be a born natural at it.

P.S. The beach was great!  Nothing like feeling a little sand between the toe pads!  And the seagulls . . . and the sand pipers running along the beach . . .  All I could envision was jerk chicken smokin' on the grill!  Yeah mon.  Now we be meowing!

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Preparing for Travel

Before we hit the road, Momma took me to the veterinarian to make sure I was healthy and up to date on vaccinations.  While we were there, she decided to have me microchipped in case I got lost, so we could be reunited again.  Momma said pretty soon the government is going to require her to be microchipped, too!  I guess that way if she gets lost, the government will know exactly what she's doing and where she's at.  Imagine that!  

Despite rumors about microchipping being painful, I trusted Momma's judgement.  I was awake the whole time and didn't even flinch!  I'm such a big girl (12.8 pounds to be exact).

Because I was on my best behavior, one of the technicians put me behind the counter to help check in the other animals.  I felt very important running the show for a while -- top cat you might say.  And I'm welcome to come back and visit anytime!

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Life Before the Road

Before my life as a gypsy cat began, I was strictly a house cat.  My paws had never touched the likes of grass -- let alone asphalt.  I'm actually a retired breeder.  After my last litter of 10 kittens, Momma One decided to spay and declaw me, and keep me strictly as a pet.  Life was good with Momma One.

But then my second Momma came along.  She was in desperate need of a companion to love.  She had lost everything (including her pets) and was starting over again in life.  So, Momma One gave me to her dearest friend, so that she wouldn't be alone -- an unselfish act from the bottom of her heart.

Sometimes, I feel sorry for my new Momma.  People often call her a "crazy cat lady" because all she does is talk about me, but they don't understand everything she's been through.  I'm all she's got -- just me, her Jeep, and the clothes on her back traveling cross country like a tumbleweed.

When Momma found out she was going to be traveling with her new job, she decided that she had given up enough in her life and that she wasn't giving up one more thing -- especially me!

Momma did some research and registered me with the Emotional Support Animal Registration of America (ESARA).  Now, I'm the luckiest cat in the world!  I get to go everywhere with Momma!  And so my new life begins . . .

For more information on registering your animal with ESARA visit: or call (888) 316-0855.

Meow Everyone!

Just thought I'd take a minute to introduce myself.  My name is Bella, and I'm a 5-year old Bengal cat, which is a cross between a small Asian leopard and a domestic cat!  I am about six generations removed from a real leopard.  While I have leopard markings and spots, my temperament takes after a house cat.  I am very affectionate and love to make friends.  I am also very smart -- a Bengal trait. 

While most people know me as Bella, I picked up the name 'Glitter Cat' because of my beautiful glitter coat -- another desired Bengal trait.  When the sun shines upon my fur, it looks like spun gold!
I cordially invite you to come take a walk on the wild side with me as I travel cross country with my Momma!


Bella aka Glitter Cat