Thursday, June 5, 2014

A Trip to the Beach

One of our first road trips was a six-hour drive to Colonial Beach, Virginia to see Grandmeow.  Momma said she wanted to get me used to riding in the car.  I must admit, I did get a little restless pacing back and forth like a caged circus tiger.  I meowed the whole trip.  Momma tried to tune me out with the radio, so I decided to put on a show and meow louder!  It was like a battle of the bands!  Honestly, I think I'd be great at karaoke.  I can hit several different octaves with my vocals -- a Bengal trait.  I seem to be a born natural at it.

P.S. The beach was great!  Nothing like feeling a little sand between the toe pads!  And the seagulls . . . and the sand pipers running along the beach . . .  All I could envision was jerk chicken smokin' on the grill!  Yeah mon.  Now we be meowing!

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